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As Chattanooga’s premier Hardwood Flooring Store, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of hardwood flooring from the best of the best in designer flooring. We not only carry the top name brands and popular hardwood flooring styles, but even more, we are committed to helping our customers create the flooring design of their dreams. Our professional staff will listen to your ideas, inspire design, and help you make the best choice for installing hardwood floors in your home.


• Red Oak
• White Oak
• Hickory
• Acacia

Engineered Hardwood Floor

Durable & Budget Friendly
Engineered Hardwood Flooring is rising in popularity flooring solution, and the reasons are apparent, it is a durable, customizable, value-adding, and low-maintenance floor option that won’t break the bank! The Flooring Boutique offers engineered hardwood flooring planks in click and lock, glue down, or traditional nail down style! This type of flooring is also available in different grains and tones!

Solid Hardwood Floor

Prefinished & Unfinished
Are you looking for the real deal? Solid Hardwood Flooring is the way to go; as the name suggests, it is solid all the way through. It is dense, durable, sturdy, and if taken care of properly can last a lifetime. Solid Hardwood Flooring can be installed, finished or unfinished, and sanded and stained on site. This wood flooring is naturally warm and rich in color and thickness and will brighten any room.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

• High quality
• Species Options

• Strong and durable
• Increase Value
• Better Air Quality

• Low Maintenance
• Easy to Clean

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Bring the original beauty back to your hardwood floors with professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing services. This service is designed to erase years of wear and tear on your floors and renew their appearance and value through sanding, resurfacing, and/or staining them. HardwoodRefinishing is a more affordable and practical way to get the feel of new floors without replacing them!

Hardwood Floor Installation

Our skilled craftsmen are familiar with the unique characteristics of the hardwood species and have the skills and equipment to ensure your hardwood floors are installed to your satisfaction. Hardwood Floor Installations are backed with a labor warranty.

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