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Placing the Carpet in your home is an exciting task! Whether you are searching for calm and neutral tones for office space or something fun, funk, and fresh for your home, Carpet will always be a classic choice. The Flooring Boutique’s Carpet Showroom has a vast selection of carpet and carpet tiles in various styles, shapes, and textures! Our designer has made it easy by hand-selecting the best of the best. Visit us today, and we will help you design, choose, and install your new carpet!

Residential Carpet Sales & Installation

When buying carpet flooring for your home, there are many factors to consider, including the thickness, density, and price. What is ideal for you may not suit your neighbor; this is where The Flooring Boutique comes in! We work with our clients to achieve the perfect carpet for their home from beginning to end!

Popular Styles

Carpet has been a flooring staple in homes and offices for many years, and for a good reason. Carpet fits the bill for just about any accommodation; soft, firm, thick, think, short, and tall options! It all depends on what type of material the carpet is made of, and which one is best depends on the end goal! Speak to our Carpet Specialist today and find out which is best for you!

Most popular carpet for residential homes. Durable and easily maintained!

100% recycled material Polyester fibers are naturally stain-resistant!

Patterned Carpet
Carpet with a unique design. Choosing a patterned carpet is a great way to alter an entire room or make a statement!

Natural insulator. Wool fibers are considered high-end but naturally resilient!

Most Affordable. Berber carpet is excellent for high-traffic areas!

Assorted Carpet Tiles and Design

Carpet Tiles are individual square tiles of carpet that piece together to create a fully carpeted floor! They are an excellent option for commercial spaces due to their low maintenance, durability, and long lifespan. Carpet tiles can also be a fun way to bring a unique design to any room! We have a wide selection available in our catalog. Come check it out today!

Carpet Installation

Our expert crew performs carpet Installations, and we have the skills and equipment to ensure your Carpet is installed to your satisfaction. We show up on time and get the job done right. Carpet Installations are backed with a labor warranty.

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